Morning Meditations

by Alexandra

I’ve been trying to meditate more, especially after I was diagnosed because honestly, it can be difficult to cope with everything. I sometimes find that in summer it is difficult to cope with anything life-related, much less something difficult and stressful like learning to deal with a new illness. Doing so requires a complete lifestyle change.

But, I’m not particularly good at meditation. My mind races in every direction ALL THE TIME and I find it nearly impossible, sometimes, to tame my brain. But without a doubt, the time of day that I feel most grounded and connected is the morning. Even when it is 90 flippin’ degrees outside. #thankGodforAC

Usually I’m alone in the morning: just me, myself, and my cup of coffee. I sit at my little wooden table in the corner, look outside and think about life. Granted meditation is supposed to embody an absence of thought, but I find that in the morning, before the days events pollute my thought patterns, I stand very objectively.

Perhaps tomorrow I will focus more on meditation in the morning. Just to see what happens.