Silly Things

by Alexandra

Sometimes I take pictures of my breakfast and I don’t really know why, because most of the time it looks quite unattractive: today, for example. It looks like a little bird pooped on my oatmeal. I swear I don’t consume fecal matter … it’s cashew butter! Promise 😉

Making oatmeal look pretty is actually very time consuming. I like the way it looks when it is all beautified but making something that looks like baby vomit look attractive in a rational amount of time is a knack I have not yet mastered. And, amid post-workout, early-morning ravenous-ness, I do not have the patience to make my oatmeal look pretty. Thankfully I have enough patience to press my coffee, though.

This is an [ugly] bowl of oats, cooked with chia seeds (lots of fiber in those little suckers) and a medley of dried fruits (raisins and goldenberries were in the mix) and topped with cashew butter and cinnamon. I love my little cinnamon shaker but I tend to be a bit over-zealous and shake it all over the place. Whenever I “beautify” my oats I usually wait until after I snap the picture before adding the cinnamon because it looks messy.

I’m a no-mess kind of gal. I don’t like messy looking oatmeal, unless that was the idea in the first place. And even then, I usually go for an “organized mess.” I like to keep my room organized, I keep my computer organized (I delete EVERY program that I don’t use regularly) and I keep all my stuff organized. I’m not obsessive about it, and I will certainly admit that my bedroom floor sometimes goes for inordinate periods of time without seeing the light of day, but I’m most comfortable in an organized environment.

Right now it feels like my life is a mess. Not in a bad way, of course, but I’m just overly eager/anxious to go to college and I’m restless because of it. I feel like I can’t sit still! I really, really, really want August to come fast so I can leave this town and start my life. Fresh start, new people, goodbye old life. Seriously. I am counting the days. There are 40 left.

I’m also trying to look for little things to look forward to along the way so it doesn’t feel like I have to wait for so long. Seriously, I feel like this is my own 40-day period of deprivation such that I can save the world and rise from the dead. Wouldn’t that be great? #Jesus…

Anywho. These are the “goals” (or checkpoints, rather) that I have for July:

  • July 4th – Fourth of July! Party, fun day, relaxing, hanging out, maybe go to dinner, watch fireworks with friends and my nonexistent boyfriend.
  • July 6th – Find out my roommate for college! “On or around July 6th.”
  • July 7th – Bestie’s graduation party!
  • July 11th & 12th – Orientation
  • July 13th – Six flags, if I don’t have to work!
  • Third week of July – Receive my AP scores
  • July 27th – Olympics begin! My girl Brittany Viola is going to tear it up in the diving competition…I have a hunch.
  • July 31st – July ends…finally
  • August 1st – August begins…10 days until I leave!
  • August 11th or 12th – I leave!

And during that 10 days or so of August, I’ll be packing and shopping before I leave so theoretically it will pass pretty quickly.

But until then, I get to sit here in the wretched heat and humidity, trying to stay cool, trying to tame my ridiculously humidity-sensitive hear, trying not to sweat, and trying not to complain too much. Do you think I complain a lot? Le sigh.

I tied up my hair yesterday in a bun when it was still kind of wet and when I took it down before bed:

Beachy waves! I love the way this worked. Too bad it’s too hot to wear my hair down, though. How many days until September?