by Alexandra

So I’ve been “gluten-free” for four days now, and so far it is going pretty well. I had some wheat mishaps (in addition to one mystery mishap) that sent my GI into a tizzy…I think the “colon cleanse” that I completed before my procedure changed the pH and such of my gut and made me even more sensitive to IBS triggers…or maybe I’m just imagining things. I’m not quite sure. In any case, I’ve spent this week trying to figure out what I actually can eat that won’t make me sick. For a while, it seemed, everything was making me sick.

I was talking to a friend this past Thursday and he said, “So, what can you eat?” To which I dramatically whimpered “Nothing!”

Yes, I was being dramatic. But when I first looked at the dietary guidelines that my gastroenterologist gave me, it felt like I couldn’t eat anything. I was reading the AVOID list off to my dad and then I paused to say, “Yeah? What the hell am I supposed to eat then?”

Le sigh.

This is my “list.” [click to zoom]

For the first couple of days on this diet I lived mainly off of black beans with Donkey Chips and chopped avocado. Oats or eggs for breakfast. Almond milk to drink.

Yesterday I tried brown rice pasta from Trader Joe’s, though, and it was actually quite delicious. It tastes just like regular wheat pasta, and even has 2 grams of fiber per serving! Yum, yum. I made some pesto with my immersion blender (basil, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, pepper) and added that to my bowl of GF pasta with chicken and some frozen mixed veggies (green beans, carrots, water chestnuts, broccoli which I picked out)

That was actually a very good dinner. It was so good that it actually inspired me to get out of my sullen bean funk and try to figure out what I can eat instead of boo-hooing about what I can’t. Once I get into a comfortable, Gf/LF groove, I can start experimenting with the “forbidden” produce to see how it actually affects me but first I want to get to a place where I can feel good and  stay feeling good.

Speaking of which, I have been feeling pretty darn good. I didn’t recognize it before, but I was constantly bloated. After eating, my stomach would feel gassy and bloated and stay like that for quite a while, leaving me lethargic and crabby. I subconsciously learned to accept the gassy bloaty feeling and only really noticed anything when my GI started cramping or I had those wonderful gas pains. Not fun.

But right now?  I feel energized, awake, and satisfied. No more frantic food cravings. No more “just one more bites.” Just satisfaction after meals. It’s actually pretty ironic because my ED anxiety would go out of control whenever I would eat a meal because I was rarely satisfied afterwards; just bloaty and awkward-feeling. Often I would eat more which made me feel more bloated and anxious. That doesn’t happen anymore, and I really hope/pray/want/need it to last.

I am currently in the process of making lactose-free “ice cream.” In reality it isn’t ice cream at all, just blended bananas with some other stuff added that I tossed in the ice cream maker. Frozen bananas have a yummy, smooth texture that I love and is so reminiscent of ice cream. If it turns out, I’ll definitely post the recipe.

Things I have learned that make my GI happy:

  1. Following my diet plan and eating healthfully
  2. Exercising every day! (I walked four miles with my dog this morning and I felt AWESOME)
  3. Regular sleep schedule
  4. One mug of coffee every morning (skipping a day makes me head/GI feel ick)
  5. Drink lots of water

I suppose these are all things that are good for anyone but I really feel exceptional when I meet all five of those. Food for thought.

Miscellaneous Picture Stuff:

The sweetest little girl in the world.

Delicious passion fruit! Albeit quite expensive at $1.69 for only a few tablespoons of snot-seed-deliciousness.

I don’t know why wordpress rotated this image…but in any case, brown rice with beans, peppers, oregano and sunflower seeds.

Storm clouds of death.

Coffee. Very necessary. Very.

Mah dawg. Very tired after her walk. Eating ice.

Mah dawg wearing people shoes. I don’t understand, either.

TJ’s dark chocolate covered almonds. Did you know they are gluten-free?

Pretty flowers.