by Alexandra

I really miss fall. A lot. It smells nice in Autumn, and the weather is beautiful. The sun isn’t so hot.

In the fall, my skin is still tan from summer and my hair is light blonde, but I can wear jeans or big sweaters and still be comfortable. The world starts to change color and everything glows orange. Like fire.

I’ve never been a huge, huge fan of summer because of the heat, because I tend to get bored around the house, and because in the past, 6:15 am cross country practices meant waking up even earlier than I was used to.

A lot is different now. I don’t have to go to practice, but I still do sometimes. I won’t be returning to my high school this year, because I graduated. I have a job at a coffee shop so I’m busier than I used to be (except for when they don’t give me hours! grr…) and my hair doesn’t seem to be getting blonder. There are other changes now, too, like my diet and my outlook on life and my relationship with Jesus. It’s weird getting older. I know I’m not “old,” theoretically, but I feel a bit older and a bit wiser. You know, the whole “I have some life experience under my belt, now.” Although I don’t, really.

Oh boy. Sorry I’m getting all sentimental and stuff. It’s just WEIRD to think how much has changed over the years. Very weird. But it makes me thankful that I am alive, that I am okay, and that I am blessed in so many ways.

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday: scrambled eggs, black beans, avocado with fresh oregano. Fresh oregano is supposed to reduce GI inflammation and aid in digestion.

Oats, gluten-free style! Many people have the misconception that persons who follow gluten-free diets cannot eat oats. Many brands of oats are not technically “gluten free” but only because they run the risk of contamination. Oats themselves do not contain gluten, but often times they are processed using the same equipment that processes wheat and therefore may contain traces of wheat and consequently, traces of gluten. Typically oats that are more processed (ie quick oats) on said equipment run a higher risk of contamination whereas less processed oats (steel-cut, oat groats, etc) run a much lower risk.

Oatmeal has always been a favorite breakfast food of mine because it can be “doctored up” so many ways. This bowl of oats was cooked with chia seeds in water, and topped with persimmon, cashew butter, dried cherries and cinnamon. It was very yummy.

Of course I have a french press on the side. Heheh…I drink entirely too much coffee. I keep saying I’m going to cut back but let’s be honest…that probably isn’t going to happen. Maybe I will change my mind in the future.

Speaking of which, this whole GI diagnosis of mind has gotten me thinking a lot about the role of food in my life. It’s meant to nourish our bodies, not destroy us. I’ve spent a lot of time hating the way my body looks and neglecting to respect and love what it can do…like run half marathons, compete in triathlons, climb rocks, swim, dance, play…all kinds of cool things. I am well aware that the abuse I’ve inflicted upon myself has exacerbated the effects of my tortuous colon and contributed to my IBS and it really is a wakeup call. It’s taken time for me to view myself and the world differently and I think that right now, I’m just happy I am alive, and I want to do everything I can to keep myself in good shape (GI, mental and physical) so that I can keep doing the things I love, keep accomplishing the things I want to accomplish, and start truly feeling well.

Okay, I think that’s enough sentimental, philosophical rambling for one post.