by Alexandra

Once upon a time I was a blogger.

Then my computer died.

Then, you know, I had school and stuff.

And I kind of sort of a little bit maybe forgot about my little corner of the internet.

And I misplaced my camera.

And I lost track of time and space.

And bad things happened, and I cried.

And good things happened, and I laughed.

And I thought about the future and cried and laughed some more.

And I found this picture on my dead-revived-misshapen-computer-thing:

and I went to go adjust the contrast and stuff, and then I realized that Adobe Photoshot died along with my computer. #sad

and then I realized that this picture actually looks nice without photoshop and doesn’t need editing. #happy

Even in this picture, I still don’t know what was under the milk and berries.

Grape nuts? Raw oats? Who knows.

And now, friends, I will leave you with one, special musing:

Life is crazy. Never try to predict it. Never be “set” on one single path because you never know when  a (metaphorical) earthquake will hit and jumble everything up. I speak from experience, I swear. In the past two months, I’ve changed my college major three times, had the best and worst experiences of my entire life, finished high school, been honored and insulted and I realized that all I can ever count on is God and my loved ones. That is all.