by Alexandra

 This is my protein powder.

I like it because:

  1. It is chocolate flavored
  2. It is not whey, so it doesn’t taste like dung
  3. It is not soy, so it doesn’t raise artificial estrogen levels
  4. It is organic, so it doesn’t have those crazy toxins that pollute the body
  5. The serving size for 12g of protein is only 1 tablespoon, so there are about 40 servings in this jar. That’s about 50 cents/serving (this was $22.00 at WF)
  6. It gives me an excuse to shop at Whole Foods

Healthy, minimally processed, few ingredients.

BUT, it only has 1g of sugar, and given that there are no artificial sweeteners (yay!) it tastes pretty blah.

I’ve made “protein ice cream” with it (not the weird HEAB kind) using vanilla ice cream, cocoa powder and milk but for a post-workout recovery shake, that probably isn’t the best idea. If I am going to have ice cream after a workout, I’d rather it not taste like protein, so I’d rather just go get a cone in all its sugar-laden, creamy glory.

I’m weary to mix this into a smoothie because it’s chocolate flavored, and for some reason fruit+chocolate doesn’t sit well in my stomach. (exception: chocolate covered strawberries or dried fruit)

Case in point: I don’t know how to make it taste good. Adding it to a shaker cup with milk/agave is an option, but that’s also kind of boring.

How does one spruce-up protein powder?