Food, health, baby vomit and fiber twigs.

by Alexandra

Oh woe is me.

It’s been a while, folks, my apologies.

Life is kind of funny how it comes and goes in waves; sometimes we have time and sometimes we do not. Still, sometimes we have time and forget to take pictures, don’t feel like taking pictures, don’t have things to take pictures of or the motivation to find things to take pictures of.

It’s never predictable, just as we, ourselves, are never predictable.

Sometimes we eat McDonalds and Bosco Sticks and half-boxes of (Cinnamon Roll flavor!) Frosted Mini Wheats and forget what on Earth a vegetable is, and then other times, we actually go to the gym and get our sweat on.(after eating way too much frosting)

And then chug lots and lots of water.

And feel better.

To be totally honest, I have no idea what true “health” looks like. Is it a chia-seed-eating yogini whose downward dogs reverberate with ananda and other bhuddist hullaballoo? Or, is it someone who take walks because she darn well likes to and eats ice cream cones every afternoon? Is it “balance” or “purity,” forced or free? Does it ever come naturally, or, by thinking about trying to be balanced and healthy and what not, does one thereby defy the very concept? How does one really know if he or she is healthy? By blood pressure? But number of workouts per week? By caloric consumption? Really, what is it?

Hell if I know.

As for me, I’ve been eating chia seeds. And ice cream cones. And going to the gym. And sitting on my butt. And vowing to consume less caffeine. And, in my zombie-like, sleep-deprived stupor, downing half-pots of coffee.

le sigh.

What I do know, though, is that I feel much better when I eat a “real” breakfast. You know, the kind with protein and fiber and stuff. And, like, take my vitamins? That kind. Not the “I’m tired and full from eating a bajillion chocolate chips last night so I’m going to make some tea and then go.”

I fully realize that no matter how many times I say, “tomorrow, I am definitely not eating this many chocolate chips,” I am automatically damning myself to that again, or else, knowing my own nature, I’ll barely eat a thing and be dizzy and dehydrated by the end of the day. What can I say? I’m an extremist.

I don’t know how to completely loosen food’s grip on me but if I want any hope of functioning like a normal human being and eating food and moving on afterwards then I have to do things that I know are right. So, once I realize that I’m in a crazy funk again, I decide to do things like eat chia seeds and breakfast and make things like this:

Yes, I fully realize that it looks like baby vomit, but it’s not my recipe (even though I kind of wish it was because it tastes good!)

Lately I’ve been loving on this: Overnight, no-cook, refrigerator oatmeal

The only change I made is to reduce the milk to 1/4 cup because I like it thicker. On a side note, if you don’t like/own chia seeds, ground flax would also work but I would recommend using more yogurt/less milk.

For baby vomit, it’s really good. Remember, don’t judge baby vomit by its appearance!

This picture, for example, looks very pretty. Nice yellow bowl, nice rustic table, nice expensive coffee beans, nice lighting, taken with a nice camera but BEHOLD! The contents: rabbit poo/cardboard cereal, most likely Kashi GO LEAN! Fiber twigs.


Bleh. I have had my own phase with those. Read: not pleasant.

Case in point? There isn’t one. This post is made up completely of my blabbering and blubbering pointlessly about random nonsense. That is all.