by Alexandra

Sometimes my life feels like a windshield, with raindrops sliding in all sorts of directions. The water is dripping slowly, dragging little bits of my soul with it.

Sometimes my life feels like a clock. Just ticking. Tick-tick-tick. Nothing much of anything else.

Sometimes my life feels like tug-o-war. I’m pulling so hard in one direction, trying to be the person I’m called to be. Twisting and writhing in all sorts of emotional anguish, pulling away from the forces that try to oppress me.

Sometimes my life feels like a nail stuck in a plank. I can’t move, but the hammer recurrently bludgeons my head. Full-force, unrestricted, in-my-face, real pain. Every blow digs me a little deeper into the wood, which I can’t escape from unless the very hammer that jams me in decides to pull me back out.

Sometimes my life feels like a facade. Am I actually alive?

But sometimes my life is light. In Christ, I am whole. In Christ my life moves, sometimes too quickly, in the direction it’s meant to. In Christ, I have nothing to fear, for He is all that matters. In Christ, I could never be stuck. In fact, I am flying.

Life isn’t always easy. But, we should use difficult, confusing, hurtful times to strengthen our relationships with the only One who matters.