by Alexandra

Hi folks.

Sadly I have no pictures for you. This is because my camera has been sitting in the corner for the past two weeks, gathering dust.

Does life ever mess you up? Turn you upside down and make you question the worth of everything? Do you ever feel lost and kind of dead, and the only thing that lets you know you’re still alive is the fact that you feel like you’re going to chuck everywhere?

I used to be a healthy person. I ate healthy food and exercised and stuff. But then the world went crazy.

I haven’t worked out at all for the past two (three? four?) weeks. What is a vegetable? What does it mean to run? Yesterday, I could have professed my immense love for McDonald’s to you, but now I just feel like I’m going to chuck.

Yesterday was 85 degrees. In March. I went for a run. I almost died. I am immensely out of shape. I enjoyed the run, but I am presently dead. And sore. From three miles. Heck. Maybe that is why I feel so nauseous right now.

I admire this blog so much. Happy family. Healthy food. Nature. Out-doors-ness. Lack of nausea. Yum. Yes. Yahoo.

This marks the beginning of me wanting to start eating healthy food again (but not in a creepy way) because I feel vomit-rocious. (I am pretty sure that that saying is a mix between “vomit” and “atrocious”)

In any case, for those of you who lead healthy lifestyles, do you have any suggestions for healthy recipes I should try?

In the mean time, I am going to eat a whole bottle of Tums, paint my nails something sparkly, read some sort of nonsensical Spanish story and sleep.

Love always,