Lessons Learned

by Alexandra

Wow — happy March! Hopefully this month will be “in” AND “out with the lamb. “I hear we are due for some nice weather the rest of this week (where I live, anyway) so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Spring is coming, so I am all excited and ready to start baking some new spring recipes. I’m going to be experimenting with Italian Buttercream this week (I’ll tell you how that goes!) and perhaps some different cake recipes.

flatty chocolate cupcakes

A few weeks ago I made this recipe for chocolate buttermilk cupcakes and it was terrible. I don’t really know WHAT went wrong but it was an epic fail. Never again, Martha Stewart, never again. Trying a new recipe is just as much of a bargain as making up a new recipe, it seems. It’s either hit or miss. At least with making recipes, previous experience and some good old fashioned chemistry can lend a helping hand. With Martha Stewart (and company,) one really doesn’t know what he or she is getting into!

I’m searching for both a new and improved chocolate cake recipe and a new and improved frosting recipe! My old chocolate cake recipe is good, but when I make cupcakes, they end up a bit flat. Flat = bad, when it comes to cupcakes! As far as frosting goes, I usually just use buttercream because people like it. The thing is, though, I don’t like it! It’s too rich for me! The texture is dense and complicated and it’s a wee bit too sweet. That’s why I’m “going Italian” and opting to add egg whites next time around, which I am very excited for. Hopefully it’ll lighten up the texture and cut back on the sweetness, plus and plus! 7-minute frosting and royal icing are light and fluffy, but they are just way too sweet!

This maple frosting is really good but since maple syrup is involved, different flavors can’t be incorporated. The recipe is definitely a keeper/favorite, though.

Do you have a go-to chocolate cake or frosting recipe that you love?