Cuppa Coffee

by Alexandra

 Coffee is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. It makes my morning brighter (and more energized) and it tastes so good! I love everything about coffee; I love reading about it, making it, smelling it, thinking about it…you get the idea. I’m obsessed.

Nestle coffee creamer also makes a regular appearance in my mornings, and I found this new “natural” vanilla creamer at the store so of course I bought it! The less hydrogenated oils, the better.

Check it out! Just milk, cream, sugar and natural vanilla flavor. Four ingredients! Can’t beat that!


It pairs nicely with any sort of breakfast, especially toast + avo + eggs which is by far the best combo ever! I swear, Pinterest will be the death of me because as soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to make it pronto. This is a long time favorite! If you have never tried it, you must. Hummus is also really good with eggs.