I’ve been thinking

by Alexandra

about the way I eat.

It’s best to eat as close to the source as possible, right?

farm fresh apples > conventionally grown

any day, any way.

So — the more I think about it, “healthified” recipes, “light” or low-fat food products, low-carb, sugar free, 100-calorie-pack, etc. are just a bunch of baloney/bologna/bull-oh-nee.

These are cupcakes.  By cupcake, I mean butter+sugar+whole grain flour+eggs+buttermilk+vanilla. mix. bake. frost. eat. repeat.

Like, the real kind of cupcake. Not a “healthified,” fat free, silly, 100% sugar chunk of sponge labeled with a big, fat K and called “special.” Actually, I don’t think Kellogg’s makes Special K cupcakes, but you get my point.

Why do people take a perfectly good food item, take all the good stuff out and call it healthy? What, in the name of weight loss? News flash, people. If you eat only 1000 calories of anything for a day, you’ll lose weight. It’s called starvation, and it’s not healthy.

Now, doesn’t that look gorgeous? Fresh fruit, rich Greek yogurt, whole grain biscuit, crunchy almonds?

Fiber. Protein. Complex Carbohydrates. Natural Sugars. Vitamins. Minerals. Health. Vitality. Nature.


Food sustains life. But, when we take all the good stuff out and overly process it, the basic purpose of nutrition becomes totally moot. Food without nutrients is pointless. Therefore, Special K bars are pointless. Light and Fit yogurt is pointless. Reduced fat peanut butter is pointless.

Guess what, people? Fat is good for you! Protein is good for you! Natural carbohydrates are good for you! So buy real granola bars that actually have fiber and whole grains. Buy regular yogurt and full-fat peanut butter.

Yum, fruit. Yum, peanut butter. Yum, potatoes.

Oh yeah — potatoes are good for you. Even if you fry them in oil and make French Fries, they’re still good for you!

Yep, I said it. French Fries are good for you.

No, I am not crazy.

Just think about it! Potatoes = good for you. Olive oil (or grapeseed, if you’re cooking at high temp) = good for you.

Hence, good for you + good for you = good for you!

It’s simple math. 🙂

Potatoes + oil = good for you

Potatoes + butter = good for you

Good for you – potatoes (good for you) = butter (still good for you)


Yup! Butter is good for you. Saturated fat is a vital nutrient and eating butter or bacon or beef (please, make it grass fed) is good for you. HEAB says it very nicely.

 In any case, don’t butcher your food, please. Keep the butter, keep the frosting, keep the honey on your Greek Yo. Just be smart!