Superbowl Chili

by Alexandra

 Not very photogenic, but that’s alright.

This recipe is easy-peasy, super sleazy cheesy.

I just used the recipe on the back of the Quaker Barley box. It’s the 30-minute variety, not “instant” or “quick” or whatever.

I know it probably would have made more sense to post this recipe before the Superbowl, so other people could make it. But, I don’t quite operate like the traditional food blogger. For me, real life comes first. Maybe you can bookmark this page until next year? 🙂

The above picture shows the extent of our Superbowl celebration. Olives, Izzy and sweet potato chips made nice munchies, and this Chicken Barley Chili served with extra sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream was for dinner.

I personally enjoyed Miranda Lambert singing before the game — she’s pretty cool. I love this song of hers.

About my pictures — I know that natural light and a white background are best for food photography, but what about night shots? Any tips? All I have is a little point and shoot. I can crank up the ISO and change some settings for lighting and color but how do I solve the lighting issue at night?


I hope you have a great Wednesday!