The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

by Alexandra

A few years ago, I was sitting at a friend’s house, just hanging out and drinking tea, chatting with her family and playing Bananagrams. The conversation ebbed and flowed, transitioned between topics and rounded corners like a good conversational stream should.

At one point, we were talking about the future and I expressed some of my anxieties, including apprehension about the impending (self-induced) trials ahead. I had made a difficult decision which would lead to one of two possible outcomes: extreme failure or extreme success.

Could I do it? What if I failed? Everybody was telling me not to do it, should I listen?

Then, my friend’s father said something to me that I haven’t forgotten for more than two years: “Why would you fail now? You’ve been doing practically the same thing for your whole life; why would everything change because a year or two will pass? As you get older, everything gets a bit harder, but you grow to be able to handle it. Nothing’s going to change. You’e going to be exactly the same person then as you are now.”

He had a good point, and now, two years later, when everything is almost over, I realize that he was completely right. Nothing has changed. I’ve been through some really difficult times and experienced some pretty significant hardships. I’ve been stressed and irritable and probably really unpleasant at times, but I survived, nothing changed for the most part, and I’m still exactly the same person I was two years ago. I’ve only grown stronger, wiser and ironically, more positive.

Every day — every minute — every moment, my world is in my own hands. No matter how many times I drop it, throw it across the room, or lose control as my life spirals into frightful oblivion, I can steer it in any direction if I only realize my strength. Every moment, my own little marble appears back in my palm. It will always come back, even if it comes back broken.

I believe in the power of the human mind. All people have control of their own lives, even when demons are whispering in their ears, trials are testing their will to live and temptation smirks in the corner. Have faith in a divine power and follow when He calls.

Despite the shadows of doubt or the wrath of uncertainty, my own future is in my own hands, with God watching over me. Through realization and perseverance we can make it work.

We can make this work. We can make today work. This moment can work and I am in control just as long as I surrender my life.

I’ll admit, I sometimes don’t know when the past transitions to the present. Sometimes I stay up at night, crying and waiting for that transition to happen.

But what’s the point? Why wait for my life to start tomorrow, when I have the power to make it start now?

I won’t become a different person overnight, and while sometimes I wish I could, it’s refreshing to know that my life can’t be turned upside down without my consent. Yes, shit happens and sometimes external factors really throw us for a loop. But with presence of mind, faith, and a strong personality, everything will be okay.

I know it will.