On Blogging…

by Alexandra

Somebody told me yesterday that on my blog, I sound “pretentious.”

Well, this kind of irritated me, but I gritted my teeth and saw this as constructive criticism. Hence, here is a post about me, who I am (minus any sort of pretentiousness) and what I want, who I am not, and what my blog is/isn’t. Read if you wish.

My name is Alexandra and I:

  • am a terrible driver. You probably don’t want to get into a car with me.
  • love making food, eating food and feeding food to other people.
  • the biggest nerd you’ve ever encountered.
  • extremely independent.
  • have a best friend: my sister.
  • was probably English in a previous life because I drink that much tea.
  • really love going to church.
  • am interested in health/nutrition/fitness.
  • like to run and lift weights.
  • would quite enjoy being really buff.
  • know some things.

However, I:

  • am not a registered dietitian, registered nurse (ha!) or registered anythingΒ for that matter. I post health information on my blog simply because it interests me and is a result of my experiences/research.
  • don’t like chocolate covered espresso beans.
  • am definitely not perfect.
  • try not to be negative, but this doesn’t always work.
  • don’t want to seem pretentious and therefore will probably be less “formal” with my posts, if that is what they were.

My blog:

  • started in January 2010 as a “health food blog.” I have since stopped trying to classify it as such and just let it reflect my thoughts/views/lifestyle. Whatever that “looks like,” I can’t really describe. But, here it is.
  • features recipes, photos and musings created by yours truly unless otherwise accredited to another source.
  • has information about health/fitness that is backed up by studies and research but I did not conduct any of the studies or research. It’s just stuff I’ve learned over the years and sort of “synthesized” in my brain and regurgitated.
  • is something I do for fun. I don’t make money off of it like some people. (I don’t even know how I’d go about doing that) It is just a hobby.
  • allows me to express myself. I like writing, photography, fitness and food. Hence, I have a blog that allows me to outlet these interests in one place.

However, my blog:

  • is not somewhere you should go if you are looking for medical advice (I doubt anyone would do that anyway, but I’m just putting it out there…)
  • is important to me and I want people to read it!
  • is not a “food blog” or a “fitness blog” or a “X, Y, or Z blog.” It’s just a blog. It’s a smorgasbord of what I’m interested in. It just is.
  • is not perfect.

So, as far as my blog and I go, take us or leave us! (We both hope you take us. Haha) Thank you, lovely readers, for reading!