Post-run Pick-Me-Up

by Alexandra

I don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to taking care of myself and choosing healthy behaviors. Sometimes I eat too much or too little, sometimes I exercise too much and sometimes, not enough.

Lately, my energy levels have been through the roof and I’ve been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all day, every day. I think what’s been helping me is the moderate amounts of aerobic exercise and frequent feeding. Sounds pretty obvious, huh? Because that’s what our doctors tell us…

After I run or lift weights, I try to pack in as much protein as I can while still keeping my recovery meal under the “snack” category. Protein shakes or bars are good if I’m in a hurry, but I usually prefer something less processed.


This is super easy, super satisfying, and super healthy.

  1. Greek Yogurt: This packs a ton of protein for a fairly small portion. It’s delicious and creamy, and really healthy! Greek Yogurt is naturally much lower in sugar than it’s regular counterpart, which is good for those who are lactose-sensitive. For my post-workout meal, I choose the flavored variety. While they do have about 20g of sugar per serving, it’s minimally processed, and sugar is definitely a necessary component of a recovery snack. Shoot for a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio.
  2. Peanut Butter: Fiber, more protein, some healthy fats. All these things contribute to satiation and they’re really good for the whole body. Use about 1 tbs. Too much fat after a hard workout can slow the absorption of the simple carbs which is not optimal.
  3. Dry cereal: Use a natural variety that is mildly sweet or unsweetened, is 100% whole grain and, most importantly, tastes good! Puffins are one of my favorite cereals and there are 5g of fiber in only 3/4 cup! The cereal adds crunch but also some more carbohydrates. The sugar in the yogurt goes straight to the muscles, but the complex carbs in cereal are digested more slowly to provide energy to tired muscles over a longer period.

The method: stir a spoonful of peanut butter into the Greek Yogurt of choice, top with a few handfuls of cereal and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget the water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!