Take your pick…

by Alexandra

So, what will it be?

Berry nonsense for breakfast…

[oats with stevia, banana, vanilla extract, roasted almond butter, blackberries, dried blueberries, dried prunes, and walnuts]


or berries for dessert?

 [blackberries, strawberries, crumbled pie cruse, coolwhip, mint]

Yeah, I know: Coolwhip is full of all kinds of hydrogenated nonsense and my arteries are probably as hard as a rock right now because of it and I’m going to have 7 heart attacks in the next 43 seconds and then the world will start exploding and pigs will fly and we’ll all meet St. Paul and blah, blah, blah.

But, berries = excitement!

They’re so good for you, too. Aside from vitamins and fiber and being relatively low in calories for the huge nutritional punch they offer, berries are so packed with antioxidants, it’s unbelievable. Superfruit, anyone?

Blackberries have been on sale at almost every grocery store I’ve been to since the first of the year. Granted, they aren’t organic, local, or in-season so their nutrient levels aren’t as high as their organic counterparts, but for $0.50 a pint, this is too awesome of a deal to pass up!

But back to my original question, breakfast or dessert? I can’t decide. These little power-fruits are so diverse that between crepes and oatmeal and Coolwhip and pie, I can’t choose. I say it’s a tie. How about you?

Berries: better for breakfast or dessert?