New Year’s Resolutions

by Alexandra

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Interestingly, I intended to post regularly over this week and the next because I’m on break, but that obviously hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been quite busy, working, cooking, and “playing” heheh 🙂

Making friends. Baking.


…and lots of other fun things!

Last year around this time I posted my New Year’s Resolutions on an old blog I used to have:

1.) Be in tune: I want my body and my “soul” to collide, in a way. I have many resources and exercises available for me to do this. I want to be as  “me” as I can be.

2.) Surround myself with pleasing things: I love vintage, fashion, photography, health, food, friends — I will immerse myself and enjoy. I RESOLVE to enjoy every moment of my life., even the difficult parts!

3.) Say goodbye to stress: I may or may not even be having a little ceremony to celebrate my divorce.

4.) Learn to recognize: I want to recognize triggers in all aspects of my life, for stress, ED, anxiety, anger, etc. I will be strong enough to let these things go!

5.) Work on relationships: Over the past couple years, I’ve fallen away from a lot of people I care about. Strong relationships are always rewarding. I have so many friends, 3 of whom I consider my “best friends,” I have my amazing boyfriend, my beautiful wonderful sister, my parents whom I love, and of course my extended family. I love all of these people so much. I want to let them know that, and always be available to them. Of course I’ll focus on myself, too, but I want my friends and family to know they’re appreciated. I want strong relationships because they make me happier.

6.) Give, give, give: I love doing it. I will make time to give back a little this year. If it means making things, buying things, or just giving time. I will make sure I do my part. I love to give.

7.) Figure out what I’m passionate about — and do it! There are so many things I dabble around in. Sports, clubs, education — these are all important for my future, but I want something I really care about. I’m talking long-term commitment, here!

8.) Explore: I want to explore my world. I always thought of NYC as a place where something is always happening. This is so true, and I love it! But I’m often blind to the fact that things happen here too! I want to find them, and participate. In order to love every moment of life, I need to see it and feel it!

9.) Brush my teeth more/wear lotion: I really don’t want dentures — ever. Thus far, I still have never had a cavity, and I would like to keep it that way! My teeth deserve some TLC, as does the rest of me! I firmly resolve to brush my teeth twice a day no matter what! And flossing and mouthwash will be in there too! I also pledge to put on lotion. I have eczema, and I rarely wear lotion. It’s been getting pretty bad lately, so I really need to pay more attention to my poor epidermis.

10.) Breathe. The key to life is knowing when to slow down. I have so much that I want to do, but I need relaxation too! Last year I pledged thirty minutes. This year, I trust myself to take as much as I need. I hope I do!


I am so amazed at how many of these things I’ve accomplished and by the many ways I’ve grown over this past year. It makes me happy and I feel refreshed because this just goes to show how hard work, determination and attitude can transform your life. A year ago, I would have never imagined that I’d be where I am today, and I’m so grateful that over this past year, I’ve turned my life around. A year ago, I didn’t enjoy life quite as much as I do now.

1.) I am much, much, much more in tune with my body! I know (better) when to start and when to stop, now. I still struggle sometimes, pushing myself too far, etc. but I’m working on it, and I’ve grown so much!

2.) I completely re-vamped my room — it’s full of cute photographs and decorations, many of which were made by yours truly. I’m proud of my own handiwork, and now I have a cozy little “haven” to retreat to each night. I visit with my friends more than I used to, too.

3.) The radical decrease in my stress levels cannot even be put into words. I feel like a completely different person.

4.) Getting much, much better at this! Oh. my. Goodness!

5.) This can use some work, but I’ve learned a lot about the type of people I like to spend my time with.

6.) I’m still working on becoming less frugal. It’s good to be “smart” about money, but I want to be less selfish. There are many people who need a little something in their day to make them smile, and I would love to be the person to give it to them. I know that money does not equal love, but sometimes a little “something” can make a world of difference, and I can show people how much I care.

7.) I haven’t really done much of this, but honestly, I don’t care! I don’t need to “figure” anything out right now, or “settle” or what not. I’m young and I’m a free spirit. However, I have finally decided on a major for college, so I suppose that’s figuring something out. Success? I think so.

8.) I’ve definitely been exploring this year! I quite enjoy where I live. 🙂

9.) Ever since I got invisalign, I’ve had to brush my teeth way more than twice per day. It’s funny how things like this work out!

10.) I’m not really sure about this one. It’s important to take a break once in a while; I could use some more practice.

This year:

Believe it or not, I’m not making any New Year’s Resolutions. Well, maybe one:

If I am able to identify a change that needs to take place in my life, I will begin working towards it immediately. No need to wait for tomorrow, or  Sunday, or the next New Year.