I’m Dreaming of a Snowy Christmas

by Alexandra

I think sugar cookies are the ultimate Christmas cookie! They can be cut into any shape, dyed any color and frosted in a million and one different ways. Dip them in chocolate, drizzle them with icing, spread rich buttercream on them — or just eat them plain!

These sugar cookies were supposed to look like snow flakes but the shape is a bit questionable, and when it came time to frost them, I got lazy and just drizzled on the icing. I originally intended to pipe on a “snowflake” design, but if you use your imagination, it’s possible to believe that these cookies are indeed snowflake cookies, even without detailed designs. They’re super yummy, too! But the recipe is a secret! (sorry folks)

 Remember when you were little and you used to stick out your tongue to catch the falling snowflakes? When they melted, they tasted glorious — even though they were just made of water. It was the taste of childhood Christmas cheer! This year I’m finding that I don’t need to be seven years old to get the most out of the Christmas season. In fact, I find that I’m getting more out of this holiday now than I ever did when I was younger. At seventeen (as opposed to seven) I am less focused on presents and more focused on family. I enjoy snuggling up by the fire with Christmas music and tea more than anything right now. When it snows? You’d better believe I’ll be sledding and sipping cocoa like nobody’s business.

I feel so, completely mesmerized by Christmas this year: what it really means and the many ways I’m blessed. I enjoy giving — I truly do. It kind of makes me feel like my grandma, which is an odd sensation, but all I want to do is go around and gather my friends and even a couple strangers and write them meaningful notes, feed them cookies and buy them little presents that are wrapped in pretty paper, just to make them smile.

I love to see people smile. I love to see people happy. I love to see people love themselves and each other.

It makes me smile. It makes me happy. It reminds me that I, too, am lovable and that it feels so good to give and receive love. Hugs. Kisses. Smiles. Jesus.

I love Christmas.