Christmas is coming!

by Alexandra

I apologize for the lack of posting this past week — I’ve been so busy, but in a wonderful sort of way. Christmas is coming!

I been decorating and re-decorating,

making a big mess,

baking delicious cookies (recipes to come!)

and purchasing all kinds of holiday goodies! This tea is amazing, by the way!

I’ve been doing all the “holiday” stuff, like spending time with family and working through these last few weeks of school before break. I’m so excited to make snow angels and gather icicles and pile presents under the tree for all the people I love. Since it’s winter, it’s “oatmeal season,” so I’ve definitely been having my share of that as well.

 Bananas, dried blueberries and almond butter.

Blackberries and almond butter.

 Yesterday I went to Meijer and bought a plethora of new cookie cutters and holiday items and then spent the next literally six hours baking up a storm! It was so much fun and made me so happy. Baking is truly my passion, especially during Christmas time. I love to make yummy treats and share them with my friends and family.

We set up our Christmas tree today with the lights and garland and silly homemade ornaments from when my sister and I were just wee ones. Something about this particular season feels so special to me this year. I don’t think I’ve ever loved Christmas this much! Perhaps it’s the fact that I will be off at college next year, or that I have a much brighter outlook on life than in years past, but I feel so happy and excited about Christmas this year.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!