It’s still Fall

by Alexandra

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, everyone is getting ready for Christmas — I even finished <almost> all my shopping! But it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas yet. It’s rainy and warm(ish) and it hasn’t snowed yet. It doesn’t even quite feel like winter yet, but then again I’m still finding it difficult to believe that December will be arriving shortly!

Nonetheless, I still find myself in awe of the beauteous persimmon. Bright, sweet and tender, what’s not to love? This one even looks heart-shaped!

I was craving the comforting  flavors of fall when lunchtime came around, so I opted for oatmeal. This was the best bowl I’ve had in a while! I find that when I make a specific effort to use many different ingredients (abiding by the “less is more” rule) and make my food look pretty, it tastes so much better! This creamy bowl of oats had banana, persimmon, carob chips, dried dates, almonds and cinnamon.

As the weather slowly cools, oats seem more and more appealing. I think this bowl might be a returning customer! However, it wasn’t as good as my favorite bowl, but contained many of the same ingredients.

carob chips, dates, bananas, coconut flakes and sunflower seed butter!