by Alexandra

I’ve been an advocate of a holistic, all-natural style of eating for quite a while now, and I love gathering new information on the subject. It’s a hobby, I suppose.

In my biology class, my teacher told us about a documentary he watched that really inspired him to start following a vegan lifestyle. It’s called “Forks over Knives” and you can read more about it here.

I’ve never experimented with veganism or even vegetarianism, but something about this documentary changed me. Now, I want to experiment.

This is the first meal I ever ate that I consciously made an effort to ensure it is vegan. It’s simply, just a whole grain rye wrap with kale, beans and avocado that I folded up and popped into the George Foreman for a few minutes, but it was really good.

That’s the thing — eating as a health-conscious vegan forces you to really taste your food, and eat real food with real nutrients. No more fiber extract or hydrogenated butter flavoring. This is all natural. Making it taste delicious and look appealing is like a challenge. I know it is possible, and it makes me excited to try!

My friends can’t imagine why I would ever want to live without meat but the truth is, I don’t like it all that much.

No — I’m not becoming a vegan, I’m simply experimenting with veganism for the time being, which means that I will only buy vegan foods and will only eat vegan foods until dinner where meat and milk will be okay. Other exceptions include eating at restaurants and eating at other people’s homes.

Vegan cooking is like a little experiment I’m performing. If I like it, I’ll keep it up. If I don’t, I’ll ditch it. But so far, it’s fun!

Yes, eating a vegan diet is fun and it forces me to start thinking creatively with regards to my meals. I can’t use chicken as my “fall back” anymore, and I can’t just bring the same old turkey sandwich. I have to think outside of the box, in the name of health and adventure.

Another thing I find fun is the “quest to find vegan foods.” So far, I’ve learned that wheat chex, original sun chips, and trader joe’s pumpkin butter are all vegan, but Choceur dark chocolate is not.

That particular brand of chocolate contains butterfat. If I wasn’t doing a vegan experiment, I’d never have learned that! I don’t want butterfat in my chocolate! Yuck! I’ll stick with TJ’s and Lindt from now on. Dagoba is vegan, but it tastes chalky to me.

I’ll keep you updated on my “vegan experiment.”