Realizations and such

by Alexandra

Step one:

Step two:

Step Three:

It’s the same apple, just in three different states, with three different levels of light and consequently, three different picture qualities. [read: if you haven’t tried fried apples, make them now!]

It’s a toss up which format I prefer, as sometimes my mood is for bright, natural and delicious. Other times, though, nostalgia calls for a faded appearance. It’s true. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Interesting aside: I wasn’t alive during the 60’s, yet I crave the culture of that time period. Everyone seemed so carefree, or at least that’s that image I receive from books.  Between Andy Warhol and The Mamas and Pappas, everything just seemed so appealing. Mr. Nesquik Rabbit even looked friendlier. Come to think of it, did Nesquik even have a rabbit back then? I wouldn’t know. That was before “my time.”

I’m working on living in the “here and now.” What is the good in longing for a past that doesn’t even belong to me? The 1960’s is history. One day, 2011 will be, too. It’s impossible to wait for the past, and it’s a waste to wait for the future.

Real living is like flying, if you really feel it. It’ll take your breath away, and the world speeds past at a thousand miles per hour and yet, it’s worthwhile. You can actually taste bliss. Breathe contentment. Hear happiness. Feel it.

I’ve had moments like those before. My entire being was consumed by a passion for the present moment.

That is what I want.