by Alexandra

I was riding the bus a few days ago, and I heard a woman talking with her daughter about cameras. The girl asked what “DSLR” meant, and the woman responded that DSLR cameras are “those cameras that allow you to switch the lenses. They’re a bit more sophisticated than your average point-and-shoot.”

I agree — I guess. Kind of. (ish)

Not really.

DSLR cameras are fabulous and I really want one (again…exception to the whole anti-materialism mission) and they allow the user a degree of control that is downright unattainable with a point-and-shoot.

But — I love my point-and shoot. It’s a nice silver color (classy) and it takes some pretty nice pictures. It has many different adjustments and is perfect for learning about how cameras work and the ways different settings alter photos.

^no photo editing at all — yet still, much variation!

That’s not even half of the cool stuff a point and shoot can do.

However, if anyone wants to buy me a DSLR, I’m game.