by Alexandra

Vibram FiveFingers

“The Natural Way to Move”

It certainly feels natural — running in tight, thin, flexible shoes that allow for toe separation. Wearing them is an experience in and of itself. Even simple movements create a connection between foot and floor — body and earth — that can never be achieved with traditional trainers. Asics are amazing, but shoes that allow humans to run the way they were designed brings exercise back to its true purpose: health and wellness.

So many people (including myself) run competitively, yet the true purpose of exercise is to achieve and maintain a healthy balance in life, between food, fun, physical fitness and spiritual/emotional well-being. When I can actually feel the ground beneath my feet, I’m reminded that I, too, am a creature of this Earth. It invokes a special respect for nature and adds a new degree of fun to mere running.

Yes, Vibram FiveFingers are comfortable. These shoes feel weightless. When I’m running in them, I literally feel like I’m flying. With each foot strike, I feel the ground, but I don’t feel any of the sharp objects that might be lurking beneath the grass.

The mission is great, the feel is great, and they certainly look great as well. Honestly, I feel so sleek walking and running and dancing around in these shoes. These are one of the exceptions to my anti-materialistic mission.

I never used to like feet. The structure just struck me as kind of odd. Now? I think I like them. They’re still odd, but I think it’s in a good way.