Time and Timelessness

by Alexandra

Time is of the essence. Sometimes, though, I hardly have any.

I have recipes here, there, and everywhere; some are scrawled on scraps of paper, peeking out of corners; some are neatly arranged in a portfolio. You name it, I probably have a recipe for it, or would enjoy the process of developing a new one.

But, does anyone have a recipe for time?

I could really use one. Today, though, please take a moment to remember those who will never have more time, as well as those who will never have more time with their loved ones, who died on this tragic day, ten years ago.

God bless America, and all those who fight to keep us safe.


A timeless bowl: Gruau à la crème à la banane, copeaux de caroube, du beurre de tournesol et de noix de coco râpée.