by Alexandra

I love wrist watches. I am a watch kind of girl! I used to have two that I really liked, but the problem was that they didn’t belong to me — they belonged to my sister, who has since taken them back into her possession.

Thus, it was time for a new watch.

You see, the watch chooses the wearer (think: Harry Potter) and while I had something particular in mind, involving both brown leather and buckles, sometimes the clock doesn’t tick quite the way we expect. I found a few pieces that tickled my fancy, one of which had numbers in a disarray that I found oddly attractive. I liked the simple design of the wristband (plain black leather) contrasting the quirky time piece. However, the face of the clock was too big. The leather was the wrong color.

When I found this one, I was skeptical at first because it lacked both leather and buckles, but I thought it was beautiful. I love pearls. It rather reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, and I love her.

When I saw the time piece, though, I was instantly sold. I don’t know if it was a manufacturing flaw or if it was made for me but this watch has something really special — the ‘1’ isn’t, in fact, a one. It looks to me like the Greek letter lambda. I needed something that was beautiful, but a little atypical. I needed something that reflects my style. I found it.

xx Alexandra