Appearance. Vs. Reality

by Alexandra

The appearance:

A quiet morning. A bowl of hearty oats. Fresh blueberries, creamy cashew butter. Mental and physical silence, but with metaphysical noise. Simple flavors, gentle tones. Soft humming raindrops, the twinkling dribble of the coffee maker.

The reality:

An intense morning with extreme pursuits. Marx or Malden? A Microscope’s Study? Relinquishes a right? “Wow, this is more than I bargained for, during these early Thursday hours.” Creamy oats that take far too long to cook. “I’m so hungry! Just cook, already!” Simple flavors, supposedly, but there is nothing simple about the dramatic juiciness of fresh blueberries. Euphoric, at least. 6 Down and 7 Down. Everybody. Sleeping. “Well of course they are, it’s 6 am. I need cinnamon. Now.”

So, the logistics really aren’t that different, but the mentality is. I’m not always so quiet and peaceful. What can I say? Crossword puzzles get me a little worked up. Case in point? Things aren’t always as they seem, even if the difference isn’t all that great.

The same goes for the ‘mask’ of the internet.

I’m not just the girl that takes a million pictures of flowers and breakfast.

Most of the time I have much more exciting endeavors, even if my methods are a bit unorthodox.

xx Alexandra