vinaigre balsamique

by Alexandra

I can imagine that nearly all the “foodies” out there have had their fill of this classic flavor, balsamic vinegar. Originating in Italy, real Modena Balsamic Vinegar is usually quite pricey, as it is imported and the aging process is somewhat lengthy.

But, like nearly everything, not all balsamic vinegars are created equal. In fact, many vinegars marketed as balsamic indeed are not. While the Great Value Balsamic Vinegar that I purchased on sale at Walmart certainly tastes yummy, a little bit of research showed that it indeed isn’t balsamic vinegar at all!

Balsamic vinegar is widely considered to be a wine vinegar, meaning formed from aged wine, but it isn’t! True balsamic vinegar isn’t fermented at all, and is formed from pressed grapes and aged. (The longer the aging period, the more potent the acidity and flavor)

Of course, there’s nothing really wrong with a little “grape-must-infused-wine vinegar,” (though caramel color is icky-bad) I will certainly be looking a little more closely at the labels when I’m seeking some good, old-fashioned Balsamic.

Honestly, my tastes aren’t that refined that I could even realize any difference, seeing as my big bowl of veggies tasted amazing when drenched in the faux-balsamic, but one of these days, I would certainly like to try the real thing.