plantes recyclé

by Alexandra

 Once upon an acorn squash who found himself forgotten, he tried to remain positive, but his insides had gone rotten!

And alas, all that was left of he, was an empty shell of what used to be.

So! The circle of life began again and in a few weeks he will be, the reason I will happily sip fresh chamomile tea!

 Rhyming is quite fun, if I do say so myself. Making up silly rhymes is one of my favorite ways to feed my inner child. What can I say? On the inside, I’m 5 years old…

As the little rhyme laments, I found an old, dried up acorn squash in the garage from last year’s garden yield. The insides were all dried up and all that remained was the hard outer shell, which didn’t retain even a bit of it’s dark green color. La nature mère travaille de façon étrange. So, I carefully halved the pod with a hand saw, discarded the dried up middle, and decided it would make a good planter for some of my over-crowded chamomile.

For drainage, I made a few holes at the bottom of one of the “saucers” using a screw (I carefully cranked it by hand) added a few pebbles and some nutrient-rich soil, spooned a couple chamomile seedlings inside, added plenty of water, and let it hang out in the warm sunshine all day. The other half of the acorn squash makes an excellent pan for catching  the drainage.