plantes et les boîtes

by Alexandra

Ever since I built my first table, I’ve taken quite a liking to working with woods. With spring in the air and lots of freshly planted seeds, I decided a nice trestle to hold my precious gems (prospective) would be in order; and so I began sawing and drilling and sanding and such, and I found myself with something quite nice-looking, indeed. Bon travail.

I planted three small pots of lavender, which now reside in my new pine box. Does anyone else love the scent of sawdust?

I’ll admit, I’m a gal with quite the knack for crafts, so it’s no surprise that making little labels for the pots was just as fun as planting them! The words came from the seed packet, and I simply cut and pasted them onto a piece of paper birch “bark.” Simple. Easy.

I also planted some Chamomile. I can’t wait for the blossoms so I can make fresh tea! Mmmmmmm!

What have you planted this spring?