by Alexandra

Day in, day out. That’s how life is. I try my best to live in the present moment and to dwell neither on the past nor the future. But what have I been up to in this neck of the woods?

Well, I’ve been enjoying my breakfast each morning,

and making sure to have milk, because I know it’s healthy.

I’ve been slicing into the best beef tenderloin I’ve ever tasted,

and filling my belly up with oven fries, and sausages and peppers,

and devouring stacks of books like I’ll never be allowed to read again.

I’ve been fantasizing about gardens and dreaming of rustic wooden tables, and somehow surviving this crazy weather! It seems like a miracle, sometimes, when life seems to fly by before I can really “catch” it. It makes me want to take a moment to meditate on things I enjoy.

Currently Loving:

Volunteer work, especially this program which I will hopefully take part in this summer

Soul music

Inspiring meditations to start my morning

Harry Potter (what can I say? I’ve been a fan since the first book made its debut)

This blog, which inspires me each day

This little red house

Running really long distances 

and being positive. It makes a world of difference.