jours paresseux

by Alexandra

 The past few days have been somewhat uneventful in an inexplicably beautiful way. I have been savoring every last bit of this new ‘thing’ I currently seem to have, albeit I never used to: time. I’ve been spending these slower, hotter, late Spring days finishing up some projects (yikes! due dates!), getting some fresh (humid) air, swimming a few laps, noshing on this corn, and just kind of hanging out. The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and it feels so good.

 I also built a new table, on which I enjoy eating breakfast each day. This one is table-sized, unlike the original. They both now boast 3 shiny coats of polyurethane (de-scented by the sun) and reside in their respective places. The little one is a great end-table for my desk, and my new one fits in the corner quite nicely, perfect for peering out the window.

 Speaking of breakfasts on tables, I’ve had some pretty nice combinations lately. This morning was creamy oat bran with some caramelized banana and peaches, cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, goji berreis, more cinnamon and a big jar of iced coffee with a splash of milk.

These Spring rains are a bit depressing because Mr. Sunshine hides away, but through the dew-kissed glass, I can see fresh, new apple blossoms and endless greenery. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?

Are you excited for Summer?