D’où viens-tu?

by Alexandra


 I think what I fancy more than anything at this point in time is to tour Europe. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, to breathe country air in Ireland, savor the deep history of Castilla Leon and experience the bustling cobblestone streets of London.  I want to sip café au lait from a sidewalk diner in Paris, smile into the breeze upon a paddle boat in Genoa, lap gelato from a sugar cone as it melts in the Tuscan sun —

Before I die, which hopefully won’t be for a long, long, long time, I will find the money to fulfill this dream — to experience such immensely diverse, fruitful cultures.

I find myself quite bored with Americanism. We’re known for our fried foods and laziness, but in reality, our people can offer so much more than that — McDonald’s is simply a stereotype. I could name about a hundred, healthy, happy active people offhand. What I’m bored with is our culture. We don’t have one! We are a melting pot but when the different immigrants arrive on our coasts, they lose some of their culture; they lose their history, their timeless stories, their inscape. They can’t bring Tinturn Abbey or that special corner bakery along with them to America. They can’t bring their quaint mountaintop cottage or their herds of Welsh sheep.

As an American, to experience real Europe, I need to go there. One day, I will. I promise.

Tell me, from where do you hail?