petits mots et les tulipes

by Alexandra

 It’s been a long day and I’m sure it will be a long week, brimming with hard work and many sleepless nights. Thankfully, a simple walk at break time, surrounded by fleurs violettes, refreshes me more than words can describe. There’s a road nearby whose surrounding landscape déborde de fleurs. It’s my favorite place to stroll during these [stressful] spring days.

 The luminous sunbeams —

 The floral breath that fills her lungs —

 The rainbow sea of tulips —

 Thousands of tulips —

 It carries me [home] to a little cottage I dream of, floating tenderly amid the bountiful blossom-waves of lively printemps.

I KNOW I shall meet my fate — I fight; I love. Bring them happier, bade me cheering delight in the clouds. I balanced all; all to mind, years to come, years behind, in balance with this life.