by Alexandra

Yesterday morning I realized that another wet April had quickly concluded without ever really bringing the feeling of Spring. Today, though, May opened its door to pink buds amid a full, rich green landscape. April showers indeed bring May flowers. Until today it wasn’t really something I had realized much before, but it is so true!

Dear Autumn will always hold a special place in my heart but I find the crisp freshness of a blooming Spring inexplicably breathtaking. Most people I know are so focused on Summer’s approach that they forget to take an evening stroll and breathe the sweet printanier blossoms. This year, though, I’ll make a special effort to slow down and savor each moment of frais printanier.

I’m looking forward to a fulfilling spring — one in which I buzz around like a busy bee, not to be cliché or anything. I dream of beach-side picnics and kite flying in the fresh breeze, of parchment-wrapped sandwiches and ice-cold coffee.

I look forward to spending valuable time with my closest friends and embarking upon new adventures.

There will be days for dressing up,

and dressing down,

and seeking simple delights.

Life is busy and often rushed. It demands hard work and earned rewards but each day I am finding that it also generously gives simple, beautiful gifts. When I find joy in les petites choses I feel so fulfilled and genuinely happy. Cold pear juice running down my chin, flipping the aged yellow pages of a favorite novel, poking my toes into a gurgling stream — I just need to open up my senses and feel the life pumping through my veins.

Feeling alive is the only way to truly be alive.