by Alexandra

♥Good Morning Bloggers!

Long time no blog, I know, I know… but gosh, things have just been so busy, i barely even have time to think about blogging until the weekend! Don’t worry, though, as April comes to a close, I’ll be doing quite a bit of testing, but after that, I’ll be free to blog (and play) to my heart’s desire! I have so many plans for this spring and summer and I will be sure to share them with you as they come and go!

Breakfast this morning was delicious, as usual! I had my usual bowl of oats, this time it was carrot-cake style! So yummy! This combo is definitely a favorite of mine! I cooked the oats in water with a packet of truvia, loads of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, a small grated carrot that I softened in the micro, and I added raisins, unsweetened coconut flakes and White Chocolate Wonderful PB&Co at the end!

This past week has been quite hectic, I must say! Between work, school and the upcoming Easter Holiday, I’ve been hopping around (like a lil’ spring bunny) so fast that I hardly have had time to think! I did manage to get some great workouts in, though! Last Sunday I ran 8.25 miles, my longest run of the season! Despite windy conditions, I felt great! Mentally, the run went so fast and when I finished, I just sat down and thought, “whoa, did I really just run 8 miles?” But, yep! I did! Friday I swam a whole mile which might not sound like much, but that was the longest I have ever swum (swam?) at one given point and it felt amazing! I always feel so good after a swim! I am tired like I had a good workout, but never crumbling to the floor in an exhausted heap and better yet, my joints never hurt! I have some pretty bad knee problems and I think cross training like biking and swimming really helps with that!

Today, I am running 9 miles! Usually my long runs are on Sundays, but with Easter tomorrow, I want to save time and make everything a bit more manageable. Besides, if I’m not as tired, I’ll have more time to spend with my family!

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for…pictures!

A yummy breakfast from last weekend — twin bowls, for me and my dad! I think strawberries, bananas, dried peaches and walnuts were all in the mix! I don’t remember quite everything —

A bowl of lentil soup (with melty cheese) and a green goddess smoothie!

Has anyone ever had a PROBAR? Go get one! They are such a wonderful snack, and so nourishing! They are meal-replacement bars, but they’re really helpful in getting some extra energy if you’re lacking in some areas, which tends to happen to me. 🙂

Another one! So yummy! I have been loving these bars!

Annie’s Whole Wheat & White Cheddar “mac and cheese.” I added broccoli and chicken!

You must try this! I made “thickened strawberry milk” by blending a cup of strawberries into my milk, and I topped it with multigrain flake cereal and pistachios! Such a wonderful and flavorful snack! It was bursting with strawberry flavor!

One more snack — haha! Yogurt with almonds and multigrain flakes (again) Gosh I take way too many pictures of my food. =P

Well it was nice to update and I promise I will start posting more frequently soon. I have a spring-time post in mind that I will do later today, but for now, I must go run before it rains on me!