by Alexandra

♥ Happy Spring!

I had a tasty springtime breakfast this morning! Rolled oats with bosc pear, banana, cinnamon and sliced raw almonds! I think next time I will add truvia or something. It didn’t taste sweet enough to me — but I generally don’t like pears unless they are with very sweet foods as it is.

This fun bunny bar made a “sunny” morning snack! It was amazing and I am super impressed. This strawberry-mango flavor tasted just like a creamy strawberry-mango milkshake! I can’t believe how creamy the flavor was. I loved it, and it was perfectly filling. My only complaint was that it was very dense. Though still chewy, it almost hurt my teeth to bite it! Maybe if I warm it up or break it into pieces it’d be easier to chew — but i don’t really have access to a microwave when I’m on the go… overall it was excellent though! Way to go 18 Rabbits!

As promised, here are pictures of my new bike! It’s a TREK 7.1 FX Hybrid Sport bike — designed specifically to go fast on bike path terrain. The tires are thin like a road bike but have more traction. The lightweight frame is sturdy yet aerodynamic and weighs less than my bike lock! His name is Giraldo, and I love him. 🙂

Today I ran 5 miles for my half marathon training. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, and I woke up early specifically to run — but it started pouring at 7:30! Ugh! I do not voluntarily run in the rain! I did an hour of booty-kickin’ yoga instead and lifted some heavy stuff at thy gym, thus postponing my run until today. I’m so excited for Thursday, a cross training day, because I will be able to take a spin with Giraldo for the first time! I’m super pumped!

Well bloggers, Physics is calling me — so I must bring this quick post to a close! Expect to see me soon!