by Alexandra

Happy Pi(e) Day! 3.14!

I celebrated pi day this morning by having my first ever successful bowl of carrot cake oats! (pie, cake, it’s all the same! haha not…) anyhow it was really delicious, rolled oats cooked in milk with shredded carrot, raisins, loads of cinnamon and toasted coconut on top! So delicious!

A foodie pic: french bread with laughing cow, grilled salmon, liquid smoke and black pepper. Spinach salad and tea in the background!

Today I want to talk about bars! Over the weekend I went to the grocery and bought a bucket of food bars! Clif bars, Larabars, Kind Bars, Pranabars — you name it, i bought it! I really love granola/fruit/nut bars, they’re so delicious and such a staple in my day — they make such a perfect snack!

What are your favorite bars?

My all time favorite bars (that I’ve tried) are Clifbar: maple nut, peanut butter chocolate chip crunch, black cherry almond, apricot and chocolate chip. Larabar: cashew cookie, key lime pie and cinnamon roll, Pranabar Coconut Acai and last but not least, Kashi Chocolate Cherry! It seems like it’s hit or miss with food bars, though! Sometimes I’ll try a flavor and it’s absolutely fantastic, and the next flavor I try is horrid. For example, the Mint Chocolate Jocalat, Lemon Bar Larabar and Odwalla Berries Gomega bars are all terrible! I strongly dislike all of them!

I’ve experimented with homemade bars before but I never think mine are as good as the store bought ones. Besides, they come in individual packages and don’t require any clean up! They are super duper handy, too!

What are your favorite granola/food bars? Do you have a no-fail, easy recipe?

I think I’m going to bake up some granola — catch you all later!