Feelin’ the Love ♥

by Alexandra

Is anyone else pumped that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day?

I’ve really been getting into the “spirit” this year — yesterday the boy came over and we watched the movie Valentines Day, and today I cooked up some amazing brownies (it’s a secret recipe!) and my dad made some amazing steak/potatoes for dinner!

I decided to spare you a picture of dinner seeing as many of my readers are vegan/vegetarian, but it was delicious! I opted for a sweet potato rather than a traditional white potato because they’re more flavorful, and spread some almond butter on top! YUM!

My special, amazing, blow-your-mind brownies. They’re not vegan or “healthy” or anything like that, but they’re made with real ingredients, and I personally feel that there is no better brownie on the face of the planet. Just saying…

Today the weather was crazy warm! and it is fabbity-fab.

I went for a delicious run in the 43-degree weather. That’s 55 degrees warmer than what it was 3 days ago! I am super pumped. Spring is in the air, folks! After my run, I stretched out on my brand new yoga mat! (Valentine’s gift from the padres)

It’s a gorgeous mauve-ish-reddish color, and is completely eco-friendly! I support a sustainable Earth! ♥

Speaking of exercise, my half-marathon training starts up in about three weeks! (March 6th)

My plan has a lot of cross training, because my knees are bad. In essence, I will be running 3-4 times a week, doing biking and yoga 2-3 times, and always taking Mondays off. (My long runs are on Sundays, so Monday will just be some intense stretching and maybe a walk)

Well, I’m off to finish up some homework, and dive back into this amazing book:


Happy Valentine’s Day!