Post-Blizzard Splendor

by Alexandra

Blizzards are officially amazing.

When I finally worked up the courage to crawl out of my warm bed this morning, I opened my blinds to a gorgeous winter wonderland, blanketed in nearly two feet of snow! I couldn’t even open the front door!

I popped my bread dough in the oven before heading to the basement to crank out a quick three miles on the treadmill. When I came up, the house was filled with the warm scent of freshly baked bread — it was divine.

Breakfast was a lusciously thick slab of warm multigrain bread spread with homemade honey-walnut butter, strawberry jam, and freshly ground Tiramisu Coffee, extra strong.

This is my all-time favorite bread recipe. Grainy, hearty and sugar free. Oh, and did I mention that it’s vegan? Double score!

After breakfast, I quickly bundled up to help my Dad plow the driveway! Despite the cold, the spiraling winds and the waist-deep snow drifts, it was actually quite fun.

I’ve never before experienced a real blizzard, so this has been quite the experience! Oh, and guess what else! No school tomorrow, either!

This week has been amazing! Two days of school, then two days of snowy bliss (aka no school) then FRIDAY, then the weekend + superbowl! Woohoo!

For Lunch I made some quick minestrone-esque soup/stew:

Snow Day (Minestrone-esque) Stew

Serves 4: 1 can dark kidney beans, 1/4 red onion, minced, 3 cloves garlic, chopped, 5 sundried tomatoes, one tiny can tomato paste, one can chicken broth, 1 cup frozen green beans, 1-1/2 cups white wine, 1-1/2 cups dry whole wheat Rotini pasta, 1/2 teaspoon each: celery salt, dried oregano, dried basil, dried rosemary, dried sage, black pepper.

In a medium saucepan, cook onion and garlic in cooking spray. When golden, add all other ingredients (except for the pasta) and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, cook pasta. Simmer soup for 15 minutes, add pasta, simmer for 5 minutes, serve hot, with cheddar cheese and milk!


after lunch I cleaned/reorganized my bathroom, vacuumed the entire second floor, cleaned/organized my desk, and cracked into my Physics Homework.

I had some leftover “rotini/mushroom lasagna” and Newman’s Chocolate-filled oreos with milk for dinner, and maybe later I’ll snuggle up with a cup of tea and a movie … or my Chemistry textbook…

ta-ta for now!