by Alexandra

I’m so pumped!

Even though it’s positively frigid outside, and the roaring winds are keeping me from sleeping, I feel deliciously warm and fuzzy!

A loaf of my favorite bread is on the rise (rising downstairs above the oven) for tomorrow’s breakfast, and I already know that school tomorrow is canceled.


Because there’s a blizzard, of course! The first one since 1967, to be exact! Tomorrow will be filled with all kinds of delicious things like freshly baked bread with jam, mugs of my favorite tea, (even though it’s discontinued GASP!) and a big fuzzy blanket. There will be friends and movies, and rich hot chocolate, snowflakes and red noses as we peek out the window to see how much snow has accumulated. Did you know they’re predicting 18-20 inches? That’s almost two feet!

I spent this snowy afternoon catching up on homework, snacking on Fig Newmans, working up a sweat with some body sculpting yoga and watching The Office with my dad.

Tomorrow will be an adventure in and of itself and I can’t wait to take part in “the winter storm of the century.”

Oh…and I’ll share this quote with you because I positively love it…

“It should take you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I’ll give you two.” – Holly Golightly