Breakfast, Plain and Simple

by Alexandra

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to 2011!

This year I’ve decided to add some more pizazz to my blog by featuring some plain and simple breakfasts. Many of the recipes found here take a bit more time to prepare, but most of the time, neither of us (I or you) have enough time to make such complicated meals on a regular basis. So, here it is: Breakfast, plain and simple! Lunch, dinner or snacks might be added later, but after all, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

The goods include 1/2 Ruby Red Grapefruit, 1 kiwi, 1 whole Weetabix, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt cheese, a handful of almonds, toasted in the microwave for 45 seconds and some Yogi Ginger Tea to sip.

This fresh, colorful mix was planned according to my schedule. I had already planned to workout with a friend at 11, but I unexpectedly slept in about two hours! I wanted something fast, and easily digestible. The Weetabix gives fiber and complex carbohydrates while the yogurt cheese provides tons of protein. The kiwi is packed with potassium — an essential electrolyte, as well as healthy fruit sugars and more fiber. Almonds have magnesium, another electrolyte, protein, one of the healthiest oils we know, fiber, zinc, and numerous other vitamins and minerals. Grapefruit has a compound called naringenin which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of insulin. This essentially means that it boosts the metabolism.

Contrary to popular belief, eating grapefruit before meals doesn’t trigger radical weightloss. I, however, eat mine first because grapefruit has a very strong flavor and is quite bitter. Unless I eat it first, it alters the taste of my other foods (if I eat it with the meal) or it simply tastes bad (if I eat it after). I’ve found that slurping up my grapefruit before eating the rest of my breakfast helps preserve the flavor of all the foods.

Yogi Tea Inspiration

Happy New Year!