Newman’s Own Organics Review

by Alexandra

I had high hopes for these little guys.

I was definitely surprised by their size. I don’t know why I was expecting something bigger, but they’re tiny and cute!

The problem is, though, that they are very bland, crumbly, and a bit chalky. I couldn’t taste the espresso at all, and the cookie part itself was sub par.

With the Chocolate chocolate Chip flavor, I was relieved that they were much more flavorful. Very sweet and chocolatey! I would describe them as Pillsbury brownie mix in cookie form, with some chocolate chips thrown in. That was exactly what they tasted like to me.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Newman -O’s are to die for. Seriously. They taste exactly like oreos and peanut butter.

Most people like the cream filling best, but I’m no Oreo creme fan — It’s sickeningly sweet. These Newman O’s are the epitome of ‘perfect oreos’ for me. Bitter chocolate cookies with peanut butter? To die for. I have no complaints. And they’re organic! Woo hoo!

Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps: Light, crunchy, not too sweet, yummy and cinnamon-y! However, they are not filling at all. The flavor and lack of “sustainability” is simply not worth it for me for 120 calories. Granted, that isn’t that much, but I want my snacks to stick to my ribs! That means fiber! While the crisps are impressive in the protein department (7 grams/serving) they just didn’t satisfy me.

Fat Free Fig Newmans are delicious. They’re better than fig newtons. Seriously! Not only are they organic, but they have the perfect balance of sweetness. The rich fig filling is delicious — and I know it’s nutritious. Figs are so healthy! A delicious bar cookie filled with precious sweet figs is my kind of cookie. I love these. They have a thicker fig layer than plain old fig newtons.

Low fat Fig Newmans. I cannot taste a difference between the two. I tried, and I tried again, but it just is not there — and I’m quite the food snob, meaning I find differences in foods very easily. Perhaps these taste a bit butterier, but there is really no outwardly noticeable difference for me. They’re both equally as delicious, and I love them!

Overall, Great Job Newmans!

RIP Paul.