Food Review: PureBar

by Alexandra

When I first became interested in nutrition, I was amazed at how much I was fooled into thinking that traditional granola bars were “healthy.” While they can easily fit into a healthy diet, they don’t have nearly as many nutrients as Larabars, Pranabars, or one of my new favorites, PureBars.

Bars like these, are delicious, packed with nutrition, and they are extremely convenient in a fix. Additionally, they’re organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and kosher.

PureBars have six flavors in each box of twelve, including Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Brownie, Cherry Cashew, Cranberry Orange, Trail Mix and Wild Blueberry.

They are sold at Trader Joe’s and most Whole Foods stores. They also have a full store locator on their website.

So far, I’ve tried the four latter, and I absolutely loved them!

Cherry Cashew Bar:

This was excellent. The cherries weren’t to sour, which surprised me. The Cherry Pie Larabar is far too sour for me, as are dried cherries themselves. I was pleasantly surprised that this bar had the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and the delicate, creamy cashews complimented the flavor perfectly. The texture was awesome as well. Unlike Larabars,there weren’t any huge chunks of nuts, and the bar wasn’t too crumbly either.

Wild Blueberry Bar:

This one is definitely my favorite. Before I even tasted it, I knew I would be getting a whole lot of blueberry because of the powerful aroma. It was delicious! It definitely didn’t taste like fresh blueberries, but it didn’t taste artificial at all (because there are no artificial ingredients) which was awesome. (I find the taste of artificial blueberry to be repulsive.) It didn’t taste like blueberry pie, but that’s what I felt like I was eating: rich, dense, blueberry deliciousness.

Trail Mix Bar:

To me, this bar tasted exactly like my energy bars. It was pretty good, but I almost thought there was too much nut and not enough fruit. The large nut chunks were essential to this bar because if it was uniform in texture and doughy like the other bars, I would not be able to accept it as a trail mix bar. That being said, however, I prefer actual trail mix to a trail mix bar. Bars like these aren’t exactly inexpensive, so I’d rather have some trail mix as a snack than a pricier trail mix bar.

Orange Cranberry Bar:

This bar was okay, but definitely not my favorite flavor combination. I could hardly taste the cranberries at all, and the orange flavor reminded me more of orange zest, which is slightly bitter, that simply orange. It also seemed a bit ironic  because typically orange-flavored foods (aside from muffins) are cold, and this bar tasted warm to me because of the dates. Perhaps next time I should freeze it first. ☺ That being said, however, the bar is very orange and although not my favorite, it still did the trick and made a good snack.

Overall, I definitely recommend this box of PureBars!