Food Review: Artisana Raw Cashini Butter

by Alexandra

My perfect morning begins with a good old cup of coffee…

Followed by a bowl of delicious oatmeal, and finished off with a nice leisurely walk.

This morning was exceptionally beautiful. I don’t know if it was because the weather was perfect, because I go nuts for Hazelnut Creme Coffee…

because I enjoyed some of nature’s candy in my oatmeal,

or because I had some Cashini Butter!

Perhaps it was a combination of all of them.

Artisana Raw Cashini Butter is a mixture of raw tahini and raw cashew butter.

It is to die for.

It is beautifully smooth and creamy, flavorful and spreadable. It’s not too oily, and not bitter at all like regular tahini. Neither flavor is more powerful than the other. A bit of sea salt adds the perfect amount of saltiness to balance the mild sweetness. The buttery rich sesame flavor is easy to detect. It is absolutely divine on oats, especially oats whipped with banana, and topped with fresh figs.

Interestingly, the jar says that it can be used as a peanut butter replacement. Although it is delicious on oats with fruit, and probably would be good in sauces, I don’t think I would make a sandwich out of it, simply because the flavor doesn’t seem ‘worthy’ of standing on it’s own. It’s not like the Raw Almond Butter, though, where it MUST be combined with other flavors, it just isn’t stellar in that sense. It’s very good though and I definitely recommend it!

+ Whipped banana steel cut oats with cinnamon, flax, fresh figs and Artisana Raw Cashini Butter.