Yogurt Cheese

by Alexandra

Strange? Yes.

Useful? Yes.

Delicious? Absolutely.

Yogurt Cheese is super easy to make.

It is done by straining most of the whey out of regular yogurt, and can be used in any recipe where sour cream or cream cheese are otherwise used. The possibilities are truly endless.

Line a strainer with a paper coffee filter or a few sheets of cheese cloth. Add 2-3 cups of plain nonfat yogurt, and cover with another filter, or the excess cheese cloth.

Traditional yogurt cheese is simply placed in the refrigerator to strain. The process can take up to 24 hours.  I’m extremely impatient, though, so I topped the whole ordeal with a plastic container lid and added some weight. This knocks the time down to about 2 hours.  Who would’ve known that Cigliegini could be so useful?

The result?

A deliciously creamy and satisfying spread, perfect to use in baking, be eaten by itself, or be flavored in other ways to make dips.

Yogurt cheese is extremely high in protein and calcium, and has only 85 calories per half-cup.