Food Review: Coconut Butter

by Alexandra

Amid my pursuit of exotic health foods, I came across Coconut Butter!
It was nothing I had ever seen or heard of before, and it was truly amazing!
I had to buy some!
Coconut tends to get a bad reputation because of its high saturated fat content. To be frank, it is recommended that 10% of the human diet consist of saturated fats. I can’t really think of a more nutritious or delicious way to include these nutrients in my day than with this delicious, creamy Raw and Organic coconut butter.
The Benefits:
Five grams of fiber per serving
Two grams of protein per serving
Made from coconut flesh, not just oil
Does not need to be refrigerated
-There is absolutely nothing unhealthy about this stuff!-
The not-so-great qualities:
It’s a bit pricey
It’s difficult to remove from the jar and does not spread, unless heated slightly
The Moral of the Story:
This stuff is fantastic, and I highly recommend that you get some to put on your morning bowl of oats!