Sunny Morning Sandwich

by Alexandra

What is reminiscent of spring?
The big yellow sun, glorious fresh colors, the cloudless blue sky, and a cheerful breakfast.
There’s no better way to start a warm, spring morning than with a delicious, egg sandwich.

…and there is nothing more enlightening than gazing out at the first Daffodil blossoms of the season as that delicious, hot breakfast sandwich is savored.

Toast a piece of whole wheat toast to the desired ‘crunchiness.’
Once toasted, spread with a teaspoon of light cream cheese and a teaspoon of dijon mustard.
Top with fresh spinach leaves, sliced tomato and dried oregano.
In a small, hot pan (lightly oiled; Pam works well) crack one fresh egg.
After 30-45 seconds (or when you hear crackling) flip the egg; exercise caution, as to not break the yolk.
Cook for another 45-60 minutes on the “flip side” or until all of the egg white has turned opaque and the yolk is gel-like, but still fluid.

paired with coffee on a  beautiful spring morning